FR7012-A2 FlySky 2A receiver 7CH Receiver 2-3S 20A ESC F3P



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FR7012-X series receivers are 7CH receivers designed especially for F3P flight. it is integrated a 20A/3S brushless ESC and DCDC buck BEC power, very small and light, so it can reduce F3P flight weight significantly compare with those standard receivers, making F3P flight agile and enjoyable, we supply 5 versions for this receiver.
This is FR7012-F2 FrSky D16 receiver!
⚫ Super small: 34.0*16.2*9.8mm(not including antenna and power cables);
⚫ Weight: 5.2g(not including power cables);
⚫ Working voltage: 7.4~11.2V(2S-3S lipoly);
⚫ Range: 500-700 meters;
⚫ Single antenna, 75mm length
⚫Red JST female connector and cable has been soldered;
⚫ With built-in 3A/5V DCDC buck BEC power;
⚫ With built-in one 20A/2-3S brushless ESC;
⚫ 6 independent ports for plugging as many as six servos;
⚫ Support online software updating;
⚫ Support GUI setup function;


About the built-in brushless ESC:
Normally we use an independent brushless ESC that connects the receiver through soldering cables on traditional F3P airplanes, cables and connectors between ESC and receiver brings troubles on installation, let alone the increased flight weight. The built-in ESC is 15a/2-3S which meets the need of most F3P airplanes to reduce flight weight.
ESC range calibration:
The  range calibration way of the built-in 20A ESC is the same as normal ESCs. Push the throttle stick to the highest position, and then power the receiver( tones from the ESC indicating starting)--->the ESC detects the full throttle position from the motor tone---> the pull the stick to the lowest position---->the ESC detects the lowest throttle from the motor tone---> as soon as the motor tone is finished, the ESC has completed the throttle range calibration. Users can cut off the power or start the motor.
Binding operation:
Power the receiver and press the binding button for 2 seconds, the slow flashing red LED turns to fast blinking, then release the binding button, it indicates entering the binding mode, customer can bind the receiver according to the transmitter binding manual.
TELEM function is useful for monitoring battery voltage, receiver working voltage and its signal strength as well as its working temperature in real- time, through which the user can get the working state of the receiver and battery discharging state under control, so flying out of control range and over the discharging will rarely happen ( for brushless motor rotation speed or flight height monitoring, customer needs to choose a more advanced receive
NOTE: The effective control range of the TELEM function depends on the transmitter, it is possible that this would happen: the working range of the receiver is far more than the TELEM function's effective range, it is normal and alright!
M.BUS1 Port:
M.BUS1 is a multifunctional port: 1, firmware updating/ function device connecting; 2, SBUS signal output; 3, connect sensors from outside.
Note: Do not connect the battery when M.BUS1 is connecting with the computer.
How to connect GUI software( download:


 The customer needs a PG02 program tool for setting up the receiver or firmware updating, Please turn the switch to I on the board of PG02,  connect M.BUS1 port through the cable comes with the PG02 tool, then plug the USB into the computer, open GUI software, select the correct port, click" connect"  the can be set up functions will be loaded and the present set up of the receiver will be displayed.
As this receiver has already integrated DCDC buck BEC power supply, please don’t power the receiver through any servo ports on the board, or you will burn and damage the receiver

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