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High Speed XP-7A ESC: it was software modificated specially by the ESC factory and can increase 15% of its max speed, that is to say, it can increase to 80000RPM*(1+15%)=92000RPM for a 6 poles brushless motor, I think it will be good news for pilots that need higher speed.

The connectors on the ESC is Walkera style connector.


1, Features

   1). Equipped with high-speed, small-sized, multifunctional MCU.

   2). Full protection feature including low-voltage protection, over-heat protection, signal lost protection, safe power on protection, and self

       -check functions.

   3). Excellent startup performance, great throttle linear and quick throttle response. Excellent low-speed performance.

   4). Supported motor speed(max): 240,000RPM(2 poles), 80,000RPM(6 poles) and 40,000(12 poles)

   5). Individual power circuit for MCU and BEC to improve anti-interference capability.

   6). The parameters of ESC can be configured via program card or transmitter. Program card make setting conveniently and easily.

   7). Throttle range can be configured to be compatible with different receivers.

   8). Three throttle curve options make helicopter control more flexible.

   9). Configuring by transmitter, motor reverse rotation available.

   10). Support one cell Li-XX operation (min voltage: 3V, only available for XP-7A and XP-12A)


   · Input voltage: 3V -9V (support 1-2 lithium batteries)

   · Continue current: 7A

   · Burst current: 9A (within 10 seconds) 

   · BEC output: 1A/5V

   · Size( lengthX width X high): 22x12x5 mm

   · Weight: 5 g


   1). OffVolt(Low Voltage Protection Threshold): user can set proper voltage threshold according to cell quantity in range of 00.0-49.9V,

is 00.0V.

      Note: System will calculate battery cells and set proper threshold automatically if this setting is 00.0V, Protection voltage for each Li-XX 

       cell is 2.85V.

   2).BrakeType: Off,Soft brake and Hard brake. default is Off (brake disable). Soft brake: less forceful and brake time is longer. Hard

more forceful and brake time is shorter.

   3).AdvanceT(Timing Mode): Low, Middle and High, default is Middle. Low advance timing is recommended for high inductance and low
       KV motors. 
High advance timing is recommended for low inductance and high KV motors, e.g. high KV outrunner motors. For some high

       KV motors, if it shakes 
while rotating in high speed, the “High” timing mode is recommended.

   4).Start: Fast, Soft and Very Soft. default is Very Soft. Fast start is recommended for low inductance and low start loading motors, Very

start is recommended for high inductance and high start loading motors.

   5).OffType(Cutoff Mode,Low Voltage Protection Mode): Reduce power and Cutoff output power for selecting, default is Reduce the 

       output power 
gradually to 50% of the current power. 

   6).Freq=: PWM frequency, 13KHz and 8KHz, default is 8KHz.

   7).NeutRange : Throttle neuture range, Available in car mode only.

   8).Curve(Throttle Curve Mode): Curve1, Curve2 and Curve3. default is Curve1.

   9).StPercent (Start power) : to set the Percent of output power when motor start in range of 00% - 39%, default is 00%. Under default 

output power is decided automatically by system according to throttle stick position.

   10).Model: selection for airplane model or car model ,airplane model only for this serial( XP serial ).

   11).Reverse(Motor Rotation): Normal and Reverse. default is Normal.

   12).CarDir: Car Model Direction type. Available in car model only.

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