MX NANO OVERSKY 32 type B Pro flight control board for Hermit



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This is type B PRO flight control board integrated with barometer and compass! compared with type B normal flight control board,  sensor HMC5883 and MSR5611were added.

 MX NANO OVERSKY 32 type B flight control board comes with DSM2 compatible 7CH receiver, sensor on it is MPU6050
MX NANO OVERSKY 32 is designed on the basis of the original NAZE 32, MX NANO OVERSKY 32 supports both Baseflight firmware and Cleanflight firmware, for using on different models, MX NANO OVERSKY 32 gets different types.
1) Super small size (not including its case): 32.0*19.6*10.5mm (Type A); 32.0*19.6*7.2mm(Type B)
2) Very light (not including its case and the integrated receiver): 3.2g (Type A), 2.9g (Type B);
3) Working voltage: Type A and B:5~10V; Type  X: 3.3~4.5V or 5~10V;
4) 12M/10PPM Crystal Oscillator;
5) Receivers it supports: PPM,DSM2,DSMX,SBUS;
6) Option for integrated with DSM2 compatible 7CH receiver;
7) Type X is with DCDC boost (output 5V/500mA),it can supply power for outside device;
8) The integrated output 5V/500mA LDO can supply power for outside device;
9) Independent ports for IIC, GPS, PPM/DSM/SBUS receivers;
Notes: Type A gets 2.54mm pitch port, Type B and Type X is with 1.5mm pitch port.
Size for MX NANO OVERSKY 32 flight control board (unit: mm):
Ports for MX NANO OVERSKY 32 flight control board:
Voltage option (for  type X)
When the pads inside the blue square box on the following picture are in use, the working voltage will be 3.3V~4.5V (1S lipo is recommended); When the pads inside the red square box are used, the working voltage will be 5.0V~10.0V (2S LIPO is recommended or power supplied through an outside BEC).
LED lights meaning:
   Red LED—power; blue LED—flying mode; green LED—unlock;
How to connect a receiver:
   Type A, type B and type C all gets a RX-S port (1.25mm 3P) which is special for connecting an outside receiver, it supports signal input of PPM, DSM2/DSMX, SBUS (note 1), it also support 3.3V or VIN output (Note 2), in order to connect an outside receiver, short connecting pads on RX-S and changing type of receiver on GUI at the same time is the way. Besides, type A, type B and type X all supports integrated DSM2 compatible 7CH receiver (Note 2)
Notes: 1) Type A and type B doesn’t support signal reverse but type X supports;
       2) When output is VIN, and VIN>5.5V, please make sure if the outside receiver supports 5.5V or more, or the outside receiver may be burnt;
       3) As it gets an integrated receiver, as soon as the integrated receiver is set to output banned(RF circuit of the integrated receiver won’t work at the moment), the outside receiver can work without problem.
Binding operation:
1) Press the binding switch on the receiver (green LED is on),then power FC board, release the binding switch, the green LED on the receiver flashes quickly (the receiver enters binding mode);
2) Press the binding switch on the DSM2 transmitter and then turn on the power;
3) When the fast flashing LED on the receiver is off and then comes to bright constantly, it indicates the binding is succeed, or repeat the above process.
Unlock operation:
Throttle to THR, Elevator to PITCH, Aileron to ROLL, Rudder to YAW
Unlocking: pull the throttle to the lowest, turn YAW to the right end (if it is still unlocking, please set range of YAW and THR to 120%, and check the channel direction and then try)

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